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Sarah Van Hoe is a Belgian Artist living in Italy. Her work is built upon the spiritual exercise of expressing channeled visions received during meditations, nature walks and yoga. 

Her Mission is to spread the vibrant sensation of High Energy, Universal harmony, Beauty and Serenity.



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// Selected Exhibits //

Sarah Van Hoe (’83) is a Belgian-born artist. She lives and works in between Belgium, Italy and the United States. With a Master in Fine Arts and Textile Design at LUCA School of Arts (Ghent, Belgium) she continues her studies at the Brera Fine Arts Academy in Milan, where she obtains a Master Degree in Painting and New Technologies of Art and Scenic Design.
After graduating, Van Hoe works as a Visual for Prada Italy. The urge to express herself artistically dates from this period and she decides to dedicate herself entirely to the artistic work, sharing the Milan studio with Kris Ruhs, while travelling and painting in Los Angeles and New York. Sarah Van Hoe now lives in Naples (IT) where she paints and creates art installations for the fields of photography, fashion and design. Recurring elements in her work are exotic plants and flowers, fluorescent paint and Sacred Geometry to elucidate the relation between man, cosmos and the Way to Happiness.

-Liquid Art System Gallery, Capri, Italy (May 2018 -> ongoing)
-Biannual for Contemporary Arts, Castle of Poeke, Poeke-Aalter (2017)
-2nd Biannual ‘Kunst Aan Zee’, Rotary Oostende, Venetiaanse Gaanderijen, Oostende (2016)
-WOP // Without Paper Gallery collective. Curator Giuseppe Ruffo. Brooklyn, NY (US) (2015)
-Flanders Biannual, Rotary Club, Poeke Castle, Belgium (upcoming: Octobre 2015)
-HANG IN, spazio TICK, Napoli, Italy (January 2105)
-I’MPERFECT, PAN/Palazzo delle Arti Napoli, Napoli, Italy (2014)
-D.A.I Donne/Arte/Immigrazione, Ipogeo Basilica Capodimonte, Napoli, Italy (2014)
-Modern P Concepts Gallery, Gent, Belgium (2013-14)
-Pop+Start+Smart, Marte, Cava de’ Tirreni, Salerno, Italy (2013)
-Flanders Biannual, Rotary Club, Poeke Castle, Belgium (2013)
-ART TRANSFO Contemporary Belgian Arts, Lions Club, Transfo Site, Zwevegem, BE (2013)
-ART GENT, Modern P Concepts Gallery (2013)
-AAF (Affordable Art Fair) Brussels, Modern P Concepts Gallery (2013)
-Artenascosta, Chiostro di San Nicola, Anacapri, Italy (2012)
-175 years SASK, Académie des Beaux Arts Roulers, Belgium (1012)
-Intragallery, Napoli/ Studio Legale Art Gallery Caserta, Italy (2012)
-Christine De Cuyper Gallery, Brussels, Belgium (2012)
-ROCK II, Palazzo delle Arti Napoli/ PAN, Napoli, Italy (2012)
-Flanders Biannual, Rotary Club, Poeke Castle, Belgium (2011)
-City Gallery Alfons Blomme, Roeselare, Belgium (2011)
-ART TRANSFO Contemporary Belgian Arts, Lions Club, Transfo Site, Zwevegem, BE (2011)
-CANVASCOLLECTIE/ COLLECTION RTBF, Musée des Beaux Arts Bruxelles, Belgium (2010)
-maQUINZE Gallery, Oostende, Belgium (2010)
-Flanders Biannual, Rotary Club, Poeke Castle, Belgium (2008)
-StragapedePerini Art Gallery, Milano, Italy (2007)
-Gabriele Cappelletti Gallery, Milano, Italy (2006)
-Oh Art!, Kamer XII, Ghent, Belgium (2005)

// for specific exhibition info and dates, please contact the artist //

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